Monday, August 15, 2011

The Hardest Part About Blogging... coming up with what to call the darn thing!

And once you DO have a sensational idea, a perfectly original notion that is unique to you and everything about you that just SCREAMS "THIS IS WHO I AM"....

...someone has already thought up the same daggum idea, wouldn't you know?

I find the same problem trying to get a user name on online game sites.

Maybe the hardest part about blogging is getting started. What should the first post be about? An introduction? I always hated doing those. I think reducing your life to a couple paragraphs in size 12 Times New Roman is a rather depressing and frankly daunting task. I can't even fill an About Me section with anything that sounds remotely coherent and abbreviated enough to give you a good sense of anything about me.

Instead, I've reduced my entire philosophy and outlook on life into one key idea to remember:

Life is short. Have a cookie.

Kinda catchy, right? Or not so much? Still, it tells you more about me than "I am a such and such age person living in such and such place and I like to do such and such because it is so much fun and oh dear I have run out of room." Cause honestly, if you're going to have a place for me to introduce all my key ideals and values and notions and then tell me I have to do it in 1200 characters or less, prepare to be underwhelmed.

Incidentally, that's also the name of my blog. I like cookies.

Maybe the hardest part about blogging is staying on task...

Maybe the hardest part about blogging is reaching an audience that even cares about what you have to say. I'm not particularly bothered by this... people will read this or they won't; they'll care or they won't; they'll enjoy it or they won't. Some will wonder why I don't take it more seriously. You want serious? Read the New York Times or something. But save me the crossword. I like the crossword...

Maybe the hardest part about blogging is remembering that I have one and actually writing anything in it. Don't expect tons of updates every day. Or every week. Hey, I'm in grad school... I have important things to do, like studying kinetics and eating ramen and wishing I had a life.

But I still say the hardest part was coming up with a name. Thank God kids don't come with the same limitation... can you imagine that? "I'm sorry, but that name is already in use." Of course it's in use, dummy! There's seven billion people on this planet!

That's a lot of user names.

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